THE CALEDONIAN, 17 U. S. 100 (1819)

17 U. S. 100

U.S. Supreme Court

The Caledonian, 17 U.S. 4 Wheat. 100 100 (1819)

The Caledonian

17 U.S. (4 Wheat.) 100


A vessel and cargo which is liable to capture as enemy's property or for sailing under the pass or license of the enemy or for trading with the enemy may be seized after her arrival in a port of the United States and condemned as a prize of war. The delictum is not purged by the termination of the voyage.

Any citizen may seize any property forfeited to the use of the government, either by the municipal law, or as a prize of war, in order to enforce the forfeiture, and it depends upon the government whether it will act upon the seizure; if it proceeds to enforce the forfeiture by legal process, this is a sufficient confirmation of the seizure. clubjuris

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